Ministry Team for Association Administration

The membership of the Ministry Team for Association Administration (MTAA) will consist of the Association Moderator, the Vice_Moderator, the Secretary, the Treasurer, one representative each from the Ministry Teams for Authorized Ministry and Church Relations, selected by the members of the respective Ministry Teams from among their own members, and the Association Minister. All members have right of voice and vote. The Ministry Team for Association Administration will:

  • Function as the primary oversight and planning body of the Association, stewarding its vision and mission,
  • Periodically evaluate and update the vision and mission of the Association,
  • Establish program and ministry goals to implement that vision and mission,
  • Receive reports from staff and related entities,
  • Establish the Association budget and oversee its financial affairs,
  • Annually appoint an Association Nominating Committee,
  • Appoint volunteer staff as it deems helpful and appropriate. Such staff may serve as long as the MTAA desires, but must be annually reaffirmed in their role,
  • Appoint individuals to fill vacancies which may occur in elected and appointed positions. Persons appointed to positions otherwise filled by election will serve until the next Association election,
  • Declare any elected or appointed position vacant if the person filling that position systematically fails to fulfill the responsibilities for which he or she was elected or appointed,
  • Recommend individuals for appointment to Conference positions when the Association is requested to provide such names,
  • Appoint an Association Meeting Planning Committee and designate a chairperson thereof,
  • Establish themes and/or presenters for Association Meetings as consistent with the vision and mission of the Association, and
  • Foster Association ties with the wider church.

The MTAA will meet six times a year at times set by the Association Moderator. Additional meetings may be called by either the Moderator or the Association Minister.

MTAA Committee Members

Moderator, Ms. Pat Bastian (2017)

Vice-Moderator, Ivan Schoen (2017)

Secretary, Amy Johnson (2017)

Conference Staff Consulting

Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Kathy Lawes
IL Conference Support Staff, Ms. Julie Grendahl